Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Welcome Letter Examples Etiquette For Separate Wedding And Reception?

Etiquette for separate wedding and reception? - wedding welcome letter examples

My friend and I always wanted a small wedding on the beach, but then a big party, so as to conserve the best of both worlds, we decided to celebrate the wedding weekend (and only invite family and) close friends, then the taking next weekend (invite all our family and friends). My question is how the word of the invitations? Should I separate invitations for the guests to the wedding and the reception of guests? Should I say a letter or a note explaining why you want a small wedding? All suggestions welcome!


  1. Just send in two different types of invitations. A group for family and close friends, information available for the celebration, and the second input only the information contained therein. To make sure you do not want to send to the wrong people! Take any letter. Threshold is assumed that either a very small party had escaped, and he will agree. The reception is the fun part, anyway!

    I make something similar, because the place for small, only the closest family and longtime friends in the ceremony itself, and then with the inclusion for all. However, I am the same day. But I'm just going to send two separate calls for the two groups that have separated my guests. Even on my wedding site for the information of the ceremony, I was just a little note: "Our wedding will be followed by a small celebration for the immediate family, a reception for family and friends."

  2. Invitaion should have not only sent two separate groups of people, but should be worded differently. Guests at the ceremony and the reception is therefore an invitation to the traditional ceremony and reception information. The guests at the reception was to receive an invitation that said something along the lines married __ _ and in a private ceremony, please visit us at a wedding in ______."

    You certainly can not have both! It would be different if the people invited to the ceremony, not just the reception, which is nothing to do.

  3. Definitely separate guest! Invitations to the wedding, saying that "you will become a private ceremony," and the invitation invited "is a celebration will be held at a later date." So the rumors beach and more people come, then expect to have off of the hook to pay the bill for the additional costs for a reception. Invitations separated immediately after the marriage, as an indication advertising. say something like: "You are invited to celebrate the union of the" x "and" x ", on (date) instead.

  4. Yes, definitely send separate invitations. No tickets are required - the reasons for a small wedding of her own and nobody else. Not an apologist.

    For those who are invited to the ceremony and celebration, send an invitation lists for both events (perhaps in two separate cards) for your convenience.

    For those who had been invited only to the party, a special invitation that says something like: "Susan Smith, and Jeremy Jones married during a private ceremony on August 30. Please get in on the couple and their families to celebrate this joyous event with a reception on September 6 in Anytown Country Club.

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